Nattika Beach Ayurveda Resort

Very likely it is the most popular ayurvedic resort where Europeans prefer to stay.

Nattika Beach Ayurveda Resort is located on peaceful shores of Nattika Beach. Very likely it is the most popular ayurvedic resort where Europeans prefer to stay. Its placed near the township of Thrissur. Kochin, an airport of arrival is about 2 hours away using a car.

The 52 cottages are waiting for you, stand-alone houses, located on a large park territory with beautifully well-groomed greens.

Sadly, there is no ocean's view from the rooms, but this is the first line. Beach is tremendous, long, with very soft waves.That's why guests are in love with this place- especially during October-March season. Some of my tourists are visiting Nattika Beach for the 12th time)).

Splendid thoughtful individual treatment, experienced doctors, good therapists.

Treatment is selected according to the health status - after the first consultation. Treatment duration: one procedure per day, from about hour and a half to two hours maximum. Doctors speak English. So it is recommended to hire an interpreter at least for the first and last consultation, in case you don't speak English. Interpreter costs extra, and you need to hire him in advance.

Treatment rooms are well-kept, with stylish decoration, each comes with shower and toilet.

In a short period of time, after opening of ayurvedic center "Swastha" in October of 2010 clinic quickly became well-known because of the high efficiency of individual treatment. Ayurvedic team leads by Dr.Hemalatha, who works together with six assistant doctors. A team of therapist consists of 49 masseurs, trained in ayurvedic Kalari and Reflexology massage techniques. Masseurs and masseuses (clinic has strong rules about only same-sex masseuses for you) all are very skilled with great internal energy.

The food in Nattika is especially famous, dishes are incredibly fresh and very light. Lots of meals, chef Joshi Sebastian will be glad to cook for you personally. Restaraunt management follows the recommendations of your doctor, all of your individual needs will be taken into account. Everything you could find in the buffet - is a medicine as well, consists of all the basic tastes(bitter, salty, sweet, hot, astringent)

There is also a Wi-Fi coverage, but only at the reception, and at a lounge near the pool. There is no Wi-Fi coverage in the rooms, intentionally - so patients will go to beds early, and won't be talking loud.

The resort offers you a big swimming pool. Soft yoga, very experienced master - musculoskeletal, relaxing, sleeping, concentration disorders all of this improves in a few days because of yoga in Nattika.

If you want to take some part of Nattika with you there is a mini shop with souvenirs and cosmetics. If that's not enough you could easily order a taxi to the Thrissur for shopping. Almost all of my tourists choose Nattika because of isolation from the world, to escape the urban bustle, to regain health and peace.

Differences between room categories: more expensive larger in size and more room between the cottages. Appliances are almost the same, all the rooms are air-conditioned, with a trestle bed on the terrace. Superior villas also include a huge garden-bathroom). Rooms price depends on their location as well – first line rooms are little more expensive.

There are simple rules you need to follow:


1. Alcohol is strictly prohibited on the resort territory

2. Smoking is prohibited as well. Smoking guests please consider this, and do not smoke – Smoking guests please consider this, and do not smoke not even on hotel territory (not to mention rooms, and places near the rooms). In case of not following the rules you will need to leave the hotel.

Resort services:

  • indor games and Wi-Fi;

  • tennis court;

  • swimming pool with Jacuzzi;

  • Ayurvedic and souvenir shop;

  • more than 2500 books in our resort's library;

  • laundry;

  • taxi;

  • cultural activities on the weekends;

  • phone, fridge, hot water and safe in all rooms;

  • doctor over the phone;

  • currency exchange;

  • VISA and Mastercard are accepted.