Manaltheeram Ayurveda Beach Village

You will enjoy every minute of your vacation here

The lush landscape of the hotel is really special because this is a real palm grove on the rocks, planted with bushes and luxurious flowers.

Manaltheeram Ayurveda Beach Village is located 21 km from Trivandrum and the international airport (where we arrive at), on the slope of a picturesque hill where you can see the golden beach. There is a palm grove on the territory, a lot of greenery, a beautiful view of the sea as well as the swimming pool. The resort offers you relaxation, a very high level of Ayurveda, yoga classes everything you need for health and harmonious life. This is the place of power there are five temples near. The ocean beach is beautiful with a strong wave, there is a beach service, a pool with spring water on the territory.

In 2017, the resort was awarded the Government of Kerala's award for the sixth time as the best Ayurvedic state resort and also received accreditation at the NABH (National Council for the Accreditation of Clinics and Medical Facilities).

    The lush landscape of the hotel is really special because this is a real palm grove on the rocks, planted with bushes and luxurious flowers ... living a few weeks among the jungle and at the same time with all modern amenities - you really start to look at the world through completely different eyes.

Territory - a park with tropical greenery - flowers, palm trees. A marvelous view of the ocean and the beaches of Kerala ... Very, very friendly and joyful atmosphere - everywhere in the restaurant and at the reception, at yoga and clinic. Hotel's principle: guest's satisfaction is the most important thing. Gues gets everything, and even if something that hotel staff cannot do they will do something for you in return.

The hotel is rather large, but compactly located in a surprisingly beautiful bay, there are 62 rooms in total. Wi-Fi is everywhere on the territory (passwords are given during settlement). There are a lot of small boutiques with local crafts, around the hotel stones, cashmere, carpets, carvings on wood and stone. In general, the hotel will suit a positive and outgoing guest, who appreciates the view and atmosphere of love.

Almost daily there is an evening entertainment program, tours to Trivandrum, safari park, to Cape Comorin, where five seas are joined and, if desired, to the ashrams of Amma or Sivananda.

Accommodation in detached cottages-cottages, which are simply equipped, but absolutely sufficient for this type of recreation. Standard houses the cheapest about 22 square meters, without air conditioning. The most expensive is the detached Deluxe Kerala House - about 35 square meters. Between the simplest and most expensive category, there are  Garden and Special cottages. The difference in price and location of houses is absolutely justified. Most tourists do not use air conditioners, because of the ocean's breeze. Almost all cottages have their own terrace with the chair and a table, a special and deluxe cottages also include hammock.

About treatment: diagnostics, deep massages and qualified treatment, 15 doctors and 90 therapists, 24 treatment rooms, plantations of medical plants, own drugs production which are used in treatment, regular lectures about Ayurveda. The doctors are excellent. Very experienced. Treatment programs are different from slimming and rejuvenation to beauty programs. Their price differs from the basic one by 20-40 euros.

Yoga, the art of concentration and awareness is something that everyone can practice in Manaltirame. The hotel provides yoga classes at different levels from beginner to advanced student, thus completing the healing process initiated by Ayurvedic treatment. Yoga 3 sessions a day, with experienced masters, meditation 2 times a day.

Many medicines are prepared on the spot freshly brewed herbal preparations. A variety of medicines are also used, from the best Ayurvedic producers in Kerala. There is a pharmacy-shop on the territory where you can buy cosmetics, spices, and medicines bring something with you to home.

The staff of massage therapists is also the largest in Kerala, as this hotel chain has its own Ayurveda Academy. Soma Group Hotels are the founders of Ayurvedic tourism for Europeans.

Food a large buffet with vegetarian food with notes for everyone what to eat. The relative minus of this hotel in a very large selection of food, many lack the willpower to stay away from fruits, salads, saute because everything is very tasty.


This is the Manalteeram Ayurveda Beach, you will enjoy every minute of your vacation here and you will definitely come here again!