Kalari Rasayana

Very beautiful hotel

You will fall in love with the sunsets and calmness of the lake.

Ayurvedic hospital "Kalari Rasayana" is located on the shores of beautiful lake Paravur, in the countryside region of Kollam. It's situated approximately 3 kilometers from the Arabian Sea, so here you can hear the sound of the surf.

There are fabulous views of the lake from the lodge especially during sunset.

All rooms are the same size and are well equipped,

I was staying on the second floor in the lodge with 4 guests rooms, my friends had rented a separate cottage but i thought the lodge was much nicer.

I will share a secret with you it is quieter and more secure to stay on the second floor with no passers by.

The air conditioning in the rooms is great, and the windows have anti mosquito nets so you can enjoy sleeping in the fresh air without the worries of insects.

The weather here is usually warm and humid, which maximizes the effects of the Ayurvedic treatments. The property belongs to the CGH group of hotels and keeps very high standards of cleanliness, much better than most of India's institutions. Everything is cleaned and washed 5 times a day.

Each guest is looked after by 3 to 5 members of staff at all times. Fantastic service ?

(Entertainment & Services)

Include: yoga, meditation, satsanga, souvenir shop, currency exchange etc.

Kalari Rasayana schedule as follows:

05:30 - wake up

05:45 - morning yoga session for 1hr

07:00 - 08:00 breakfast

08:30 - 11:30 morning session of procedures, yoga and meditation

10:30 - fruits and juices

12:30 - 13:00 lunch

14:00 - 17:00 second session of procedures and yoga

16:00 - fruits and juices

17:00 - 18:30 walk around, karma yoga (feeding the fish) reading and meditation

18:30 - 19:30 dinner

You will fall in love with the sunsets and calmness of the lake.

You can also find books here in English & Russian, you can lie down on the balcony with your tablet and no one will bother you.

On arrival you will have a vegetarian menu set for your stay, you can ask for additions but only from your personal menu, what is served is normally enough.

One guy came weighing 132kg in 14 day's he lost 17kg and said he thought it was impossible to serve on such food.

Each guest has their own table and menu. Their is know disturbances whiles eating just silence no cellphones!

What do you need to take with you?


Kalari Rasayana provides everybody with 3 free sets of thin cotton pajamas and a pair of slippers, however you can take your own slippers if you prefer.